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Stokes JA, Corr M, Yaksh TL. Transient tactile allodynia following intrathecal puncture in mouse: contributions of toll-like receptor signaling. Neurosci Lett. 2011 Oct 31;504(3):215-8.

*Notes mentored student contribution. 

Basic Science Research


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Pedagogical Research 

Stokes JA and Silverthorn DU (2021). Updating anatomy and physiology lab delivery: Shifting from a paper-based to an online lab instruction platform, just in time for a global pandemic. Advances in Physiology Education 14 April 2021.

Stokes JA (2020). Using Lt to Create an Interactive, Data-Driven Endocrinology Activity. Lt Brain Trust (International Conference) Virtual Event. Recording

Stokes JA (2020). Teaching an integrated human anatomy and physiology course: Additional lessons learned and online course adjustments. Physiology Education Community of Practice (PECOP) Blog. Life Science Teaching Resource Community.


Stokes JA (2019). My first run at teaching an integrated physiology course: Lessons learned. Physiology Education Community of Practice (PECOP) Blog. Life Science Teaching Resource Community.

Stokes, JA, Grosofsky, A. (2017, March 1). Case study activity for learning neuroanatomy and physiology: “Doctor, why am I so tired and dizzy?” Retrieved from:

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